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Social Media Marketing Agency Services

Explore all the good we serve you to bolster your brand's online presence.

Attracting and entertaining your audience is our passion.

Gather Exposure with Trotter

Serving Your Brand, Digitally

Every business needs a dynamic website that represents their brand. Our team captures your vision and displays it to your audience.
Once you gain popularity (and cashflow) you'll need to manage all the chatter. We'll handle that, too.

Brand's Design Process

From logos to typography to colors and the way your brand 'sounds' online, we make you attractive to your audience.

Inbound Marketing with Our Team

Our digital marketing experts take your now beautiful brand and build your audience. We help you interact with your audience without placing your business on 'pause'.

Social Media and Tech Support

24/7 help with any part of your project.
Also ask about our social media consulting program for brands and influencers.

Trotter Media's Services

We are Social Media Marketing Thought Leaders Developing Brands and Influencers

Trotter Media creates your website, drives traffic to your website, creates all your social media accounts, gains relevant followers, engages those followers and represents your brand. All the while you're running your business.

Web Design

Creating your website is the foundation of your brand. In practice, its where your visitors with a pain or problem go to get either solved.

We urge all our branding clients to avoid cutting corners in design or creation because this is what your audience associates your services with.

Our websites come with SEO built in from the start.  With your objectives top of mind your brand message will help inspire your traffic to convert.

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Social Media Marketing

Most brands we deal with aren't seeing how their social media efforts are translating into dollars. Furthermore, they fail to monetize on the audience they are attracting.

Trotter Media engages with your audience in purposeful ways to nurture them into paying customers without being obnoxious.

We handle your brand's presence on every social media platform that you know, and even some you don't know to ensure your solution is heard.

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Social Media Consulting

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and SnapChat are all different platforms with different approaches that work.

Advising your brand on how your online presence will attract your audience is our specialty. We will guide you on posts, videos, and other content that displays your brand's heart and problem solving ability.

With an educational approach, Trotter Media will brainstorm methods to give your brand explosive growth and recognition.

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