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We've compiled a few questions that are commonly asked either before a project launch or during. Any additional questions just ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inbound Marketing for your brand is simple and clarity about what we can do for you is one of our goals.

Web Design

Do you design custom sites?

Yes. Your brand is unique and has a voice and a particular image so your website will reflect that.

What platforms do you work with?

For web design, a common platform is Wordpress. Our web design lead has 10 years WordPress experience and its a platform we highly recommend as well as WebFlow. We don't recommend Wix.Com currently and SquareSpace we are neutral in our opinions about. To answer this question: Yes we do, but we would reserve the right to explore which platform represents your brand's design.

Do you create the web content?

Yes we can create the web content. Most of our clients have some content, but we use our expertise to determine what social media platform its best suited for if its not used for the website.


What Are Your Services?

Our services include web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and social media consultancy.

What is included in web design?

Web design includes a fully functional/responsive design that expresses your brand. We build all our websites with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind and do our keyword research (key words your audience searches for that has high traffic) to write the words that appear on the site. We also link all your social media profiles to the website so your audience can see where your active and interact with you further.

How does social media marketing work and what's consulting? Can I get those services separately?

    Social media marketing is a broad term which means Trotter Media handles any and all aspects of your social media presence. We create content, post for your regularly, respond to your audience who reacts to your posts, respond to private messages, answer questions online, and bolster your social media footprint.
     Social media consulting deals with the strategy and brains behind every action your brand does. We direct your brand down the path of visibility no matter the method. An example would be: if your a solo-prenuer and you have a cleaning business. Would it be wiser to personally brand yourself, or make a business facebook page that had your logo as a profile picture? With our social media consultancy we'd give you the pros and cons of each and give a recommendation that has the best interests of your brand and audience in mind.


How Can I Contact You?

You can reach anyone on our team via phone number, email, or any social media platform that you connect with us on.

What are your rates?

As stated above, we do mostly customized work for brands. We also solve the overt problem most businesses have: going from utterly invisible to delightfully immortal online. In our services section we have a baseline of pricing for websites. For a more detailed quote, tell us what you're looking for to the best of your ability.

Are you looking for talent?

At this stage, we are! You can e-mail us a resume with your skill-set and what your looking for in terms of compensation and if we can fill that need for you, let's do it! We are looking to grow our sales team, creative team, and social media team currently.